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      您好, 歡迎來到南昌市國昌環保科技有限公司!
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          2006年,一位年近40的國企員工遞交了離職申請,帶著人生夢想,放棄了大企業的安逸穩定的生活,租用一間民房開始了艱苦創業。新創立的南昌市國昌環保科技有限公司只有2人,從事一 般的國內貿易,但是很快市場經濟殘酷的一面就顯露出來,隨著網絡經濟發展,一般的國內貿易利潤十分微薄,虧損再虧損成為這家初創企業的常態。但是,堅信科技就是生產力,在面對困難不服輸,不低頭的精神支撐下,一邊開拓業務,一邊深入研究,2011年研發的一種《一種生化處理后的焦化廢水的處理方法》終于獲得了國家發明專利,這項專利技術在焦化廢水這種高難處理的廢水,運用效果得到充分認可,隨著國家的對環保工作重視,市場的需要日益顯現,目前公司已發展成為擁有80余人,大專以上學歷28人的科技企業,焦化廢水的深化處理技術占領江西省市場,是江西省內唯一家專業處理焦化污水的環保公司。




      history of development
          In 2006, a nearly 40-year-old state-owned enterprise employee submitted a resignation application, padked with a life dream, gave up the comfortable and stable life working for a large enterprise, instead, rented a private house to start a hard business. At first, the newly-created Nanchang Guochang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has only two people, both engaged in general domestic trade, but soon the cruel side of the market economy was revealed. With the development of network economy, the general domestic trade profit became very meager, deficit became a normal state. However, we firmly believe that science and technology is productivity, and bravley facing difficulties and disappointment, and never yield。 Thus while developing business, our company also insist on in-depth researching. Finally, a pattern of"processing method for coking wastewater after biochemical treatment" was achieved in 2011. The national invention patent's technology is fully recognized in the highly difficult-to-handle wastewater of coking wastewater. With the country's emphasis on environmental protection, the market needs are apparently increasing. At present, the company has grown to have more than 100 employees, 30% of them have College Degree. Our coking wastewater treatment technology occupyed the market of Jiangxi Province. It is the only environmental protection company in Jiangxi Province that specialized in treating coking wastewater.
           However, our company always regards innovation as the primary productive force. At present, the company has established long-term cooperative relationship with Ph.D.s of Nanchang University and East China Jiaotong University, and continues to deepen the coking wastewater treatment, water reuse, sewage and industrial wastewater treatment, waste gas treatment technology and environmental protection equipment industry by utilizing the technological advantages of the university. During the process weare recruiting talents. Aiming to become a technology-oriented enterprise with leading technology and happy employees in 2026.
           Business scope: environmental engineering; environmental protection equipment, labor insurance products, environmental protection chemicals, environmental product R&D, technical consultation, technical services; domestic trade; wholesale of flammable liquids, corrosives, oxidizers (trade no storage); production and sales of organic fertilizers, etc.